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POLS 232, American Politics II (Walsh): Think Tanks

Think Tanks

What is a think tank?

"A popular term for a group of people with specialized knowledge and ability, set up to carry out research into particular problems (usually social, political and technological) and to provide ideas and possible solutions."

- Think Tank. (2009). In A. Room, & E. C. Brewer (Eds.), Brewer's dictionary of modern phrase and fable (2nd ed.). London, UK: Cassell. Retrieved from 


"Because think tanks provide reliable and relevant information on different domestic and international issues and give advice about what can be done in the face of contemporary and future challenges, they have increasingly gained influence on public policy worldwide." 

- Norck, S. (2015). Think tanks. In F. F. Wherry, & J. Schor (Eds.), The SAGE encyclopedia of economics and society. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Retrieved from

Links to think tanks

These are not the only reputable think tanks, just a sampling. If you find an article from another organization, practice "lateral reading" to figure out whether it is trustworthy. 

Center for American Progress Center for American Progress

 Brookings Institution Brookings Institution

American Enterprise Institute American Enterprise Institute

Heritage Foundation Heritage Foundation

 CATO Institute