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POLS 232, American Politics II (Walsh): Keywords, Newspapers, Journals

First source for keywords: Your course materials!

The list of research project topics Dr. Walsh gave you provides great keywords, as do the assigned readings for the course. Here's a link to the research projects topics list:


Encyclopedias can supply a good overview of a topic. These overviews will include keywords that can help you develop a search. Search this database for encyclopedia articles: 


Newspapers contain good overviews of current events, including terminology that can be used as keywords. The TLU Library has several newspaper databases. Try starting with:

General library resources for research in political science

The library has created a Subject Page devoted to resources for Political Science research. The Subject Page is found at this link:

Political Science and Government.

You may also follow this path from the Library Resources web page: 

Library Resources web page > Databases by Subject > Political Science and Government