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Circulation: TexShare Cards


TexShare cards allow you to use the resources at other, participating Texas libraries. 


How to get a TexShare Card:

Come to the main desk in the library with your TLU ID and we'll fill it out for you. TexShare cards are good for a year, but you can come back and get another when yours expires. If you want help finding the resource that you're looking for, we can also do that, and we can print out maps to any of the TexShare libraries that you plan to visit. We recommend calling the library you're going to visit to ensure they have the resources you need and that they're willing to lend them to TexShare users.

 Where you can use TexShare Cards (call or look online before visiting to verify):

Seguin Public Library

Texas A&M San Antonio

Texas State University Library

Trinity University

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at San Antonio

University of the Incarnate Word


ILL vs TexShare

Wondering if you should put in an interlibrary loan request or come get a TexShare card?

Put in an ILL request if:

  1. You can wait a few days for the item
  2. You've searched and there are no libraries in the area with the item
  3. You don't have the time/inclination to leave campus

Come get a TexShare card if:

  1. You need the item right now/today
  2. You've looked on and know what you need is avaiable
  3. You're researching a very specific topic that another library has several resources on. (Example: if you were researching Irish Catholics for a paper, you might want to get a TexShare card and go to the library at Trinity University. They have 56 items on the topic, we have 9.)