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Circulation: Printers

Poster Printers

SMALLER POSTER PRINTER (24x30 inch posters)

  • What It Does
    • Prints large-scale posters that are used for the Spring symposium and other activities. 
    • This is the poster closest to the CoLab entrance and can be used for any sort of poster. 

LARGER POSTER PRINTER (44x50 inch posters)

  • What It Does
    • Prints EXTREMELY large-scale posters that are often used for external conferences. 
    • This is the printer closest to the ASC.
    • This printer requires users to come to the desk and check out the Poster Printer Ink. The library keeps track of how many posters are printed and charges departments and units as necessary. 

Paper, Ink, and Maintenance

  • If the paper or ink is out, or there is an error message, contact the library desk. 



How to Use

To use the poster printers, follow the step-by-step instructional poster hanging in the Co-Lab.

If the image is only showing up in a small rectangle in the middle of the poster, pay particular attention to Step Two of the instructions, "Scale to Fit Paper." 

You can visit Dr. Shao's poster printer links in the portal:

  1. Sign into
  2. Go to the IT tab
  3. Go to "Student How-To Resources"
  4. Scroll down to "Posters"

Regular Printers

Printer 1 and 2

What it does

  • Printer 1 AND 2 prints black and white copies (free) and scan in color or black and white and will email those scans as a PDF to a TLU email (free).
  • Automatically prints two-sided.

Out of Paper, Paper Jam, Ink, Maintenance

  • For help with the printer, ask at the library desk. 

Co-Lab Printer

  • What it does
    • The Canon printer in the Co-Lab prints color.
    • NOTE: The printer is called the CANON printer if the student is printing from the two computers next to it. It is called the CO-LAB COLOR PRINTER if they are printing from the two computers that face the library lawn. ONLY these four computers print to the color printer.
  • If you want to print on your own paper (or print labels) you can use the Co-Lab Color Printer. Use the BYPASS TRAY. It pulls down from the right side of the color printer. Go into "Printer Properties" then select "Paper" and choose to print to the Bypass Tray. To print on a certain side of the paper, put that side FACE DOWN on the tray.

Bambu 3D Printer

The Bambu 3D printer is available for class projects and other TLU assignments with a professor’s approval!

All prints are currently done for you and at the availability of a library staff member. Print requests can take up to 7 days, depending on staff availability and demand.

For the full details and parameters of use, please see the 3D Print Request Form available below.