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PRAP 130 (Spring 2014, Rinn/Shao): Articles

This is a research guide to help you find sources for your annotated bibliography. It was designed for PRAP 130, Databases in Information Science.


Types of articles to include in your annotated bibliography

  • 2 newspaper articles (news items or editorials are fine)
  • 3 magazine articles (news magazines, popular press, opinion magazines, etc.)
  • Optional: scholaly journal article(s)


In the boxes below, we'll suggest several databases where you can do targeted searches for particular types of articles. An alternate way to find articles and books is through the library's new QuickSearch. QuickSearch searches hundereds of thousands of sources at once, so don't forget to use the limiters and search options available.

Finding newspaper articles

You might find some newspaper articles on the Web. For a more comprehensive search, use these databases: 

Finding magazine articles

Use limiters to narrow your search to magazines.

Finding scholarly journal articles (optional)

Use limiters to narrow your search to academic journals.