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PSYC 437 (Sia) - History and Systems of Psychology


Welcome! These tutorials will help you find and cite sources for your History and Systems of Psychology course. You will use secondary and tertiary sources to learn about the psychologist you are portraying. You will use primary sources written by your psychologist to convince invading space aliens not to destroy humanity! You will give one defense of the nature of humanity and one defense of the potential of humanity.

If you get stuck at any point during your searching, feel free to contact Amelia Koford, your friendly librarian.

Tutorial 1: Who was my psychologist? Biographical articles in reference sources

Tutorial 2: What did my psychologist write? Finding books and articles by an author

Tutorial 3: What can I find on the open web? Google Books. Google Scholar, and WorldCat

Tutorial 4: What are the biggest citation mistakes? APA citation 

Tutorial 5: How does plagiarism happen? Academic ethics and originality 

History of psychology cartoon