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Art Research Guide

Welcome to the research guide for Art at TLU!

When to use articles

Most articles focus on very specific research problems. They are shorter than books and have a faster publication cycle. Articles are the place to find write-ups of empirical research studies.

Look through the bibliographies of articles to find further reading.

A few things to consider when choosing articles:

Is it up-to-date? For my project, how up-to-date do my sources need to be?

Who is the author? For my project, is it necessary that the article be scholarly? (Scholarly articles are written by scholars for other scholars. They often go through a quality control process called peer review).

For more, see the Library Guides page on evaluating sources.

Need articles? Search the databases

Use databases to find articles from newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals

To see all of TLU's databases, visit the library website page and select either databases by Subject or by TitleHere are a few key databases for art: